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Mastermind @ Work brings research-driven mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to you. Mastermind offers custom classes, speakers, trainings, and retreats for your employees, industry groups, and special events.

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Did you know that the annual cost of employee stress-related health care and absenteeism is estimated at $300 billion each year? Studies show that:

  • Nearly 8 out of 10 employees regularly experience physical symptoms of stress
  • 7 out of 10 regularly experience the psychological symptoms of stress
  • More than 75% cited money and work as the leading cause of their stress
  • Job stress is negatively correlated with job performance

Benefits of Workplace Mindfulness

Reduced stress

Increased productivity

Lower healthcare costs

You’re In Good Company.

Mastermind Services


Mastermind offers workplace meditation classes to support employee mental health and overall wellbeing. These classes focus on mindful meditation practice techniques for relieving stress and include a brief introduction to the practice method and the brain health benefits of the meditation technique. The majority of class time is spent practicing mindfulness meditation. Corporations can choose specific class themes such as “Intention,” “Creativity,” “Resilience,” and “Breathe,” among others, to meet company-specific goals.


Mastermind offers wellness speakers to educate employees and support their overall wellbeing. Mastermind-trained speakers offer compelling brain health research, a short practice period, and practical tips for applying mindfulness to daily life. Speaker events can range from 15 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the event, the audience, and the goals of the hiring company. Groups can choose from topics such as “Stress Management,” “Mindful Digital Detox,” or request a custom talk to match their event theme.


Mastermind Meditation develops and delivers custom mindfulness and emotional intelligence training featuring brain health learning, mindfulness practices, and key takeaways for participants to incorporate into their daily lives. Our most in-depth on-site option, these trainings can last from 90 minutes to 12 hours. Training content can include speaker sessions, introductory mindfulness practices, mindful movement, and interactive group activities. Contact us to learn more about how we can customize training content to meet your goals.


For an immersive and restorative experience, consider taking mindfulness training offsite. Any of our class, speaker, and training options can be incorporated into an offsite retreat. We will work with you to identify a location and catering options to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can design a custom mindfulness retreat to meet your goals.


I worked with Mastermind to facilitate an important brainstorming meeting with my team and boss. Dorsey was perfect! She crafted a custom visualization exercise specific to our needs. The meditation session set my coworkers at ease and allowed us to visualize and communicate the environment we desire for our residents.

Tony DeslerVP of Plant Operations, Southwest Longterm Care

I have never been one to meditate, but with your navigation and visualization techniques I was truly able to ease some stress. I will definitely be meditating with you in the future!

Meaghan HerlynHaynes Boone

I can’t thank you enough for your mindfulness session with American Airlines today. Being able to host this virtually with team members across the enterprise was a gift. The more focus we can give to our wellbeing the better we are for family and our community.

Amani L. CouncilAmerican Airlines

Mastermind Services FAQ

We offer mindful meditation classes for 30, 45, and 60 minutes in length. We offer speaker sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes in length. Our training programs last anywhere from 90 minutes in a single session to 12 hours over multiple sessions. Any introduction to mindfulness, no matter how short, can shift perspective and give the audience new tools for a new way of thinking and being. Research shows that mindfulness meditation is most impactful for individuals and organizations when it is reinforced on a regular basis. We recommend organizations start with a series of speaker sessions supported by weekly or biweekly office mindful meditation classes.

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Mindfulness meditation can be practiced in regular office chairs, and that option is usually most comfortable for beginners. (Plus, no outfit change is required!) The most important thing is to find an enclosed, mostly quiet space for practice. A standard conference room works well.

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Mastermind partners with the Brain Performance Institute (2200 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas) to host classes and trainings. We can also recommend other retreat venue options depending on the size of your group and the goals of the event.

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  • Strengthens focus, attention, and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances working memory
  • Equips employees with better interpersonal skills
  • Lowers rates of depression and anxiety while Improving stress resilience
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Improves overall wellbeing

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Mastermind offers signature speaker sessions to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence to your company. Our trainings include:  

Intro to Mindfulness: Learn what mindfulness is, how to practice mindfulness meditation, and the health benefits of training your brain. This session will include seated mindfulness practices, interactive discussions, and mindful living activities. Participants will leave with a deep understanding of the history, practice, and benefits of mindfulness, as well as concrete ways to apply the principles of mindfulness to daily life.

Stress Management Through Mindfulness: Mindfulness has been shown to not only lower stress levels and regulate emotions, but also promote resilience to future stressors. This workshop includes an overview of the mental and physical effects of stress, the brain health benefits of regular mindfulness practice, and accessible ways to mitigate stress in daily life. Participants will leave with an understanding of the signs and symptoms of stress as well as a personal mindfulness routine for stress resilience.

Creating Mindful Compassion: Based on the work of Dr. Daniel Goleman (Altered Traits) and Dr. Kelly McGonigal (The Science of Compassion), this workshop presents scientific research on compassion and its benefits while teaching critical skills for practicing compassion in real life. Participants will engage in several compassion practices to enhance empathy and emotional intelligence.

Memory & Focus: This workshop will explore the brain science behind memory and focus. Participants will learn mindfulness practices designed to strengthen the circuits of working memory and attention. From a brain health perspective, our attention and working memory capabilities govern not just our ability to solve problems and make decisions, but also our resilience to stress and emotions–in short, improving memory and focus through mindfulness reaps widespread rewards in all aspects of cognition.

Mindful Digital Detox: Explore mindful ways to cultivate a healthy relationship to your digital technology. Bringing mindful awareness to the use of digital devices frees up mental bandwidth and encourages efficient use of time. Participants will reflect on their current relationship with technology, understand and practice the power of single-pointed focus, and leave with tools for optimizing digital engagement.

Mindfulness for Anxiety: A special mindfulness meditation workshop designed to address and decrease feelings of worry, anxiety, and panic. Learn to bring awareness to bodily sensations, emotions, and mental patterns associated with anxiety. This awareness, coupled with brain health techniques like noting and breath work, will empower participants to alleviate anxiety in everyday life.

Mindful Living: This session will focus on ways to apply mindfulness to daily life through breathing techniques, mindful eating methods, and gratitude practice for stress resilience. The workshop will incorporate a centering breath practice, a mindful eating demo, and a gratitude meditation. The goal of this presentation is to equip employees with everyday tools to reduce stress, increase physical and mental health, and enhance workplace productivity.

For general mindfulness meditation FAQ, click here.

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