What speaker sessions do you offer?

Mastermind offers signature speaker sessions to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence to your company. Our trainings include:  

Intro to Mindfulness: Learn what mindfulness is, how to practice mindfulness meditation, and the health benefits of training your brain. This session will include seated mindfulness practices, interactive discussions, and mindful living activities. Participants will leave with a deep understanding of the history, practice, and benefits of mindfulness, as well as concrete ways to apply the principles of mindfulness to daily life.

Stress Management Through Mindfulness: Mindfulness has been shown to not only lower stress levels and regulate emotions, but also promote resilience to future stressors. This workshop includes an overview of the mental and physical effects of stress, the brain health benefits of regular mindfulness practice, and accessible ways to mitigate stress in daily life. Participants will leave with an understanding of the signs and symptoms of stress as well as a personal mindfulness routine for stress resilience.

Creating Mindful Compassion: Based on the work of Dr. Daniel Goleman (Altered Traits) and Dr. Kelly McGonigal (The Science of Compassion), this workshop presents scientific research on compassion and its benefits while teaching critical skills for practicing compassion in real life. Participants will engage in several compassion practices to enhance empathy and emotional intelligence.

Memory & Focus: This workshop will explore the brain science behind memory and focus. Participants will learn mindfulness practices designed to strengthen the circuits of working memory and attention. From a brain health perspective, our attention and working memory capabilities govern not just our ability to solve problems and make decisions, but also our resilience to stress and emotions–in short, improving memory and focus through mindfulness reaps widespread rewards in all aspects of cognition.

Mindful Digital Detox: Explore mindful ways to cultivate a healthy relationship to your digital technology. Bringing mindful awareness to the use of digital devices frees up mental bandwidth and encourages efficient use of time. Participants will reflect on their current relationship with technology, understand and practice the power of single-pointed focus, and leave with tools for optimizing digital engagement.

Mindfulness for Anxiety: A special mindfulness meditation workshop designed to address and decrease feelings of worry, anxiety, and panic. Learn to bring awareness to bodily sensations, emotions, and mental patterns associated with anxiety. This awareness, coupled with brain health techniques like noting and breath work, will empower participants to alleviate anxiety in everyday life.

Mindful Living: This session will focus on ways to apply mindfulness to daily life through breathing techniques, mindful eating methods, and gratitude practice for stress resilience. The workshop will incorporate a centering breath practice, a mindful eating demo, and a gratitude meditation. The goal of this presentation is to equip employees with everyday tools to reduce stress, increase physical and mental health, and enhance workplace productivity.

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