Nicole Payseur was an attorney who took her practice off the mat and into the court room. She began to breathe with her opponents to tip the scales of justice and win settlements for the City of New York. Nicole has since retired from her law days and has dedicated her time to teaching mindfulness. For the past 10 years, she has been teaching for humanity. Doing her due diligence, she meticulously amassed over 1,500 hours of independent study all over Manhattan, Dallas, New Orleans and San Francisco from the Iyengar Institute to Integral Yoga Center before completing Yoga Works’ 500 hour teacher training program. Her latest yoga certification adds 500 hours of Yoga Therapy to a wealth of knowledge. Her teachings provide innovative solutions to stress and reframing life challenges. Her students discover untapped resources in their bodies and minds. Mischief inspires her. Laughter, better than anything else, coaxes the body into radiant health, strength and grace.