Scroll With Purpose: Follow These Mindful Social Media Accounts

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One core principle of mindfulness is the practice of nonjudgment – perceiving the world with neutrality, openness and curiosity. With this view, nothing is inherently “good” or “bad,” including social media.

Social media is a big part of most people’s personal and professional lives – 79% of Americans have social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms offer ways to stay in touch with friends and family, to make new professional connections, and even to promote your products or services to people who could benefit from them. 

As we navigate the world of social media, it’s important to remember that the media we consume affects our state of mind. We’ve all had times on social media where we see a post that upsets us or puts us in a bad mood. 

After you notice a post negative like that, pause and think – is following this account helping or hurting my wellbeing? The content we take in as we scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can affect us positively or negatively. 

The good news? We have a choice in what we consume. We can recruit our technology to uplift us rather than drain us.

One way to bring more intention to your social media usage is to follow positive people and businesses so that you sign off feeling inspired. Follow these social media accounts for mindful, uplifting, and inspirational content:

  • Mastermind Meditate – Daily posts include mini meditations, brain health tips and inspirational quotes. Follow @mastermindmeditate on Instagram & Facebook.
  • MNDFL – New York meditation studio sharing daily mindfulness posts. Follow @mndflmeditation on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Mindful Magazine – Premier mindfulness magazine sharing daily quotes and tips to integrate mindfulness in everyday life. Follow @mindfulmagazine on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Chopra Center – Daily mindfulness and health posts inspired by the work of Deepak Chopra. Follow @chopracenter on Instagram & Facebook.
  • White Rock Soap Gallery – Founded in Dallas, provider of Mastermind’s custom brain health scented sprays and candles – all handcrafted products with 100% vegan ingredients. Follow @whiterocksoapgallery on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Amanda Giacomini of 10,000 Buddhas – Creator of the Buddha wall in the Crow Museum of Asian Art (and over 14,000 paintings around the world). Follow @10000buddhas on Instagram & Facebook.

Happy scrolling! 

As Chief Mindfulness Officer of Mastermind Meditation, Dorsey Standish brings research-backed mindfulness and mindful movement to clients throughout the state of Texas. A lifelong learner and scientist, Dorsey has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and is enrolled in the UT Dallas Applied Cognition and Neuroscience Master’s Program. After mindfulness transformed her own work, health and relationships, Dorsey left her corporate role at Texas Instruments to share the power of mindfulness with others full-time. Dorsey’s teachings combine neuroscience research with her experiences in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program and multiple weekend and 10-day silent meditation retreats. Join Dorsey for one of Mastermind’s upcoming applied mindfulness programs at mastermindmeditate.com/programs