Free Virtual Mindfulness Classes for Educators

The COVID-19 pandemic has added unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress to our daily lives. Educators face additional trying to adapt to the new teaching environment created by school closures, personal and professional responsibilities. These sessions will give you mindfulness strategies designed specifically for educators to reduce stress, lower rates of anxiety, and improve your overall wellbeing so you can remain happy, healthy, and teaching at your best.

  • Learn science-backed benefits of mindfulness for brain health
  • Enjoy a meditation exercise and practices for stress management
  • Ask questions about mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction for use at home and in the classroom (virtual or real)
Weekly topics include:
  • Guidance on acknowledging the uncertainty. Introduction to grounding for self-care.
  • Stress and meditation (fight/flight and rest/digest)
  • Physical self-care (qigong movement, reclined meditation, tips on physical self-care during shelter-in-place)
  • Mental self-care (importance of rest)
  • Emotional self-care (loving-kindness, heart space)
  • Building resilience through self-compassion and affirmations
  • Building resilience through gratitude practice
  • Mindful living through daily practice