Unlock Your Potential with Gary de Rodriguez

Led by Gary de Rodriguez 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
November 29th, 2017

Discover mindful tools to unlock your true potential in this workshop led by nationally acclaimed speaker Gary de Rodriguez and Ana Jones. Learn techniques to reconnect you with your true essence, transform your mind, and get unstuck. The four-step process will help you connect you with your essential purpose, remove your subconscious blockages, achieve mastery in your relationships, and lay the groundwork for your future. Don’t miss this opportunity to catapult yourself into the life you have always dreamt of. 


Gary is an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence and known as the People Mechanic. He has over a 35-year career in designing and integrating the most effective models of psychology-based systems of success in leadership, human behavior, communication, sales and team dynamics. He is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, Associate Professor at the Business Education Institute, Master Trainer in Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology, and a licensed Executive Coach. His emphasis is upon the importance of leadership, thinking and problem solving strategies, time management, entrepreneurial development, people intelligence, communication, and the investment in human equity. Success comes from understanding the functional dynamics of emotion and behavior and it’s translation to human performance. Gary is a trainer of trainers in awakening and actualizing the human potential.  
Ana Jones is a local entrepreneur and the CEO of I AM THE JUICE PLACE — a small business anchored on the ethos of self-love and empowerment through affirmations. Ana merges her knowledge from her certified health and assertiveness coaching to address the issue of awareness and accountability. She is also a certified yoga teacher which influenced greatly the purpose of healing from within. Ana is Gary’s mentee and continues to grow and dig deeper into her life’s journey. She is committed to stay on her path of self-studying for as long as she’s here. “It is a lifetime of doing the work but if we don’t do it, there’s no true bliss in life.”
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