Thanks & Giving

Led by Dorsey Standish 10:00 am - 11:30 am
November 4th, 2017

Cultivate mindfulness this holiday season! Join Mastermind facilitators Dorsey Standish and Genie Johnson for a morning of mindful exploration, gratitude practice, journaling, and sound massage. This workshop will teach us to use gratitude to more deeply appreciate ourselves and others. Facilitators will guide the workshop attendees through envisioning a peaceful and mindful holiday season. In addition to this visioning exercise, participants will leave with a practical toolkit of strategies for cultivating peace, gratitude, and generosity to transcend the stress of the holidays. 

Dorsey Standish discovered yoga and mindfulness in college, when she relied on these practices to stay mentally and physically fit while obtaining a mechanical engineering degree. Her mindfulness practice has helped her succeed at a Fortune 500 tech company, overcome mental illness, and ultimately connect more deeply with those around her. An avid learner, Dorsey routinely grows her practice and her teaching by participating in mindfulness workshops, silent retreats, and conferences like Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco. Her mission is to share her passions for science-based yoga and mindfulness with a broader audience.

Genie Johnson is known as The Sound Masseuse. Her work as a spiritual care innovator, specializing in interfaith affirmative prayer and Sacred Sound for Sacred Times: christenings, hospice vigils, and memorials, builds upon training and expertise in sound healing, spiritual coaching, and more traditional studies in The Humanities. She began formal studies in Sound Healing in 2009, in order to gain a more mechanical understanding of sound as a healing modality, when audience members at her A Cappella Poetry performances were regularly experiencing spontaneous healing and emotional release. Genie is a mother of three college students and continues to pursue her education and engages in a daily mindfulness practice – experiencing it as a path of Wholeness. 

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