Mindful Leadership

Led by Melissa Marks Garner 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
January 24th, 2018 - January 23rd, 2018

Learn how to apply the principles of mindfulness to a successful leadership career. This workshop will include an overview of mindfulness and its benefits in the workplace, the attitudes of mindfulness, and practice strategies for the busy professional. Participants will also learn about and practice mindful communication techniques geared toward the workplace. You will leave this workshop equipped with specific ways to apply the practice and attitudes of mindfulness to your professional career. 


Melissa Marks Garner began meditating in 1997 after feeling the burnout of being a New York City Real Estate Agent.  Powerfully moved by her own transformation, she decided to make a career shift and turn her goal to helping others reduce stress, and improve overall health and wellness. After earning her Master’s degree and working in various social services organizations, Melissa began integrating mindfulness meditation into her professional work as a licensed therapist. In addition to working with individuals, Melissa works as a corporate wellness consultant, helping businesses find ways to improve employees’ health and boost overall productivity, efficiency and employee retention.

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