Live in Authenticity at Spanish House

Led by Erin Brandao 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
March 21st, 2018
Learn how to use mindful introspection to identify your core values and uncover what living authentically means to you. Explore authenticity through brain health research and mindfulness exercises like visualization meditations and journaling activities. Workshop participants will define their guiding principles, view objectively all the ways inwhich they spend their time, and mindfully reprioritize their activities based on their authentic values. Join mindfulness & authenticity expert Erin Brandao to lay groundwork for an effective and authentic 2018! 

Erin Brandao is a Dallas-based, 500-hour certified yoga and meditation teacher. Erin found her way to mindfulness meditation through college yoga classes, where her favorite part of class quickly became the last posture: resting meditation, or ‘savasana.’ In response to personal challenges, Erin deepened her commitment to yoga and mindfulness practices. However, the first time someone suggested Erin could be a teacher herself, she laughed and said no way. Good thing the universe has a sense of humor too, because Erin is now a highly qualified teacher, teaching not only students but also other teachers. The practice of mindfulness has given Erin so many gifts, including physical health and mental peace. Erin’s mission is to share these gifts with her clients through authenticity-themed meditations that include mindful visualization and relaxation.

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