I’m Not Addicted I Just Can’t Stop at Spanish House

Led by Barney Lane 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
March 28th, 2018
I’m not addicted, I just can’t stop! We have all been there before. It is easy to form habits around pleasurable activities… but how much is too much? Take a mindful look at addictive behaviors and habit-breaking from the perspectives of brain health, mindfulness techniques, and social connection. Participants will learn to use physical sensations, emotions, and sensory information as tools for non-judgement self-awareness. Let us set aside judgement and create hope for ourselves and our loved ones.


This workshop is led by Barney Lane who learned Transcendental Meditation in 1971 and Mindfulness Meditation in 1996. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in TV-Radio, both from Syracuse University. His interest in brain development initially grew out of his teaching experience. More recently, he has been examining how addiction affects our brains. Barney has demonstrated mindfulness practices to young students and offers regular guided sessions to adults wherever there is interest.

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