Mindful Kids

Mindful Kids is a special offering for kids in grades 2-5 which teaches basic mindfulness skills that will reset, calm and focus their mind. These 30-minute mindfulness sessions will give your child individual coaching in basic techniques like alternate nostril breathing, lion’s breath, belly breathing, gratitude palms and more in a small group setting where they will receive personal coaching. These child-friendly techniques will calm and focus your child in the moment, but also teach them skills they can access in their regular daily setting when they feel the need to calm their mind, build their confidence or focus on an important school task.

Classes are offered in a monthly series of 4 classes each month (one each week). Space is limited. Those wanting more frequency and practice can sign up for two monthly series, for a total of 8 classes per month.

Cost: $100 / 4-class series

We currently have no Mindful Kids classes scheduled.