Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindfulness might be called the great missing piece in living sanely and healthily in today’s high pressure world. It is a way of using one’s mind to bring great focus, ease, energy and freedom form emotion reactions in daily life. It is a way of taking more pleasure and discovering gratitude in life lived where only life can be lived – in the present. This class is designed for those wanting to develop their own mindfulness practice. Our Mindfulness for Beginners offers a background on mindfulness, important brain health information, study of the pillars of mindfulness and practice in various mindfulness techniques – all in a supportive environment structured to help you design your own personal practice.

Mindfulness for Beginners is a four-week course designed for beginners or individuals new to a mindfulness practice. This course is led by Chelsey Charbeneau, and the next four-week series begins on Monday, August 7th and runs four weeks.

Cost: $160 per person – space limited. This cost also includes unlimited classes at Mastermind for the duration of the seminar.

Sign up for 10:30 am-12 noon class (Begins August 7th)